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Рейтинг лучших систем для ставок
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick
Рейтинг лучших систем позволяет сравнить 250 различных систем и их профит.

Каждой из систем можно следовать, она генерирует точные предсказания на основе статистических данных.

Также можно проанализировать прошлые результаты:


Автоматические выигрышные системы от зкод обновлены:
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick

Top Automatic Systems Rankings теперь показывает рейтинги активных систем + активные сигналы чтобы было быстрее искать!


Новый апп от зкод позволяет следить за изменениями линий букмекеров
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick

You can almost Spy on Vegas High Rollers (Sharp Bettors) with this free App


(Hint: Update 1.4 was just released that included the PUSH notifications about the picks, singals and line moves. It has now full public info support for "fade the public" system + soccer line reversals and college sports)

"Line Reversals App" is an incredible helpful sports betting indicator on how the line moves and how the odds change through the day on different sports events.

It will help you identify the sharp money moves and avoid betting against Vegas oddmakers.

It also shows you vegas public percentages on your teams. Make sure you watch the easy video tutorial to understand how it works.

This App will show you where the high rollers (Sharp Bettors) place their bets so you can follow the trend and bet with them, not against them! This will help you filter the confidence of your bets and get much more winning bets!

For example you are going big on Yankees and suddenly see a line reversal against them (meaning Sharp bettors are placing big bets on the opponent, expecting an upset) - you can pull off your confidence and save a lot of money :)

Of course sharp bettors don't win 100% of times but you will be surprised how accurate this tool is, as they win most of the times!

Download the new updated app

(supports iPhone, iPad and Androids)


Zcode Lab

P.s. It can even send you push notifications.

P.P.s. and if you an active Zcode member you can even get access to Automatic LR signals that made $26124 usd profit since 2012 :

Here is the fresh example of how sharp bettors are moving the lines and how YOU can profit from it:

This is 4th Sept Game between Baltimore and Toronto. Toronto opened as a strong favorite with - 180 (1.55) odds

However the LR app detected the strong line movement against toronto around 7am (see the orange signals on the chart)

This means that Sharp bettors are placing smart money on Baltimore, expecting an upset.

The result was an upset but not for you and sharp bettors if you followed the line move:

Game Result: Baltimore 10 : Toronto 2 WIN

Download the new updated app

(supports iPhone, iPad and Androids)


Предсказатель победителя в играх
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick
Классный новый инструмент
Симулятор игр http://zcodesystem.com/simulator/


Scores predictor (предсказатель счета)
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick

Scores predictor (предсказатель счета) автоматически предсказывает результаты матчей с хорошей точностью!

плюс он бесплатный!



Почему вегас все время выигрывать и как ставить против публики?
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick
Инструкция на английском:

Ever wondered how Vegas always becomes richer and richer and gambling public is losing more and more?

The secret to win is to bet WITH vegas against the public, instead of trying to go with what most people are doing.

Line reversals tool is here http://linereversals.com/

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd
--Max Lucado

Zcode has developed new anti public tool called "Line reversals"

Here is how it works

1. Step 1. Join VIP club and go to Line Reversals Section of the members area and click "Public -> Show all" to see public %. Check data 1-2 hour before the games!
2. Step 2. Find the games for example on NHL with the highest ticket amount and the highest percentage of public money on home favorite.

For example Capitals vs Rangers (NHL):

Top public is Marked in red. Enable images to see:

As you can see 80% of public is on Rangers to win the game!

What it means is the public money is very heavy on Rangers. No way Vegas will pay 80% of people on Moneyline and 82% on spread.

The result? Guess what? "Surprising upset, Capitals win it 2:1". The correct anti public bet was Capitals+1.5 = WON!

Betting against the public (fading the public) is a very simple and successful strategy in sports investing. Why it is successful is because of this basic truth - Vegas (and by Vegas we mean all sportsbooks) is in business to make money and if the Public won more often than they lost, Vegas would not exist.
The monitored accounts where we post different picks from automatic systems to manual experts has quadrupled!
Here is the updated account, updated yesterday

Remember only proven systems can bring you long term profit on sports investing.

Linereversals tool is here http://linereversals.com/

NBA плейофф начинается!
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick
NBA плейофф начинается! Можно предсказать победителей в симуляторе:

Лучшие системы для прибыльного 2015
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick

Каким системам следовать в 2015 чтобы был выигрышный год?

вот топ рейтинг лучших:




если бы плейофф начался сегодня? Предсказание плейофф таблицы
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick
Новый инструмент зкод
Предсказание плейофф таблицы

http://zcodesystem.com/playoff_simulator/ тут!

С новым годом всех!

Мониторинг роботов ставок “Top Performing Automated Systems”
Zcode system Sports Predictions and Pick

Top Performing Automated Systems – это новый сервис от разработчиков сообщества Zcode

Мониторинг роботов ставок

Данный сервис предназначен для упрощения поиска прибыльных роботов ставок и возможности следования за их сигналами. В Top Performing Automated Systems для удобства использования,  присутствует функция выбора вида спорта, потому отфильтровать роботов будет достаточно просто.

Выбор вида спорта в мониторинге

Мониторинг роботов ставок можно найти во вкладке “Hot Trends” или перейдя по линку

Top Performing Automated Systems

Рейтинг тут http://zcodesystem.com/topsystems.php